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Then in relationship

Then in relationship with the world of people to the management ~ the realized principle of acceptance of the world as realities.So, during independent walks when the child is infree mode of interaction with environment, it shows pain ~Shuya activity in contact to the subjects which have interested it.Childlearns and tests them in all ways available to it.The adult besides is not inclined to take root into such set activelymet to it on a way of objects and to the child does not advise, if conducts it Perlz F.

Many children

Their role in game life of children never can beit is executed by purchased whole toys.The broken things, unusable for the usual use, revealin variety of the properties in flight of the creative imagination of playing de ~ty, capable to use these subjects for the most different needs.Here on ~the sink becomes a field of creative experiments, where fully ~ children's creative, inventive thinking.Many children go on a dustbin in secret hope to find there a treasure.Cart ~rotating from school, the children's company can quite turn on ~Shuya a dustbin on sobrazheniye of research curiosity that therenewcomer News about ~ to an interesting find instantly flight ~ the children's people, and then excursions to a dustbin in hope to find treasureare made one by one and groups more regularly.

The person

It seems to the person that these places became strangers, everything is not similar to the formerand from it took away its world.As children adjust otosheniye with a landscapeSuch changes in those places, where are especially painfully enduredpassed the most important years of its childhood.The person feels thendestitute by the orphan, forever lost in real space ~tiya of that Toy Store which was expensive to it and now remained only inmemories.Photo A.KitayevAaoneeanie iaeuieou,nae aoue oaeieeeAeaaa Aeaaa Aeaaa Aeaaa Aeaaato this we will consider that,as children join in an asset ~ny material interchange with world around,and first of all with the earth.

Also know, why He is afraid. In soul

And it is possible

A call not on business, and simply so to ask how are you doing And to wish good luck.Or – it is simple then, to tell an amusing case and together kindly to laugh A note with a cheerful mug which he will come across, when will come back home after school.And it is possible and so.Composed a fantastic greetin wrote down on dictophone tape recorder.The person came from school, pressed a button and listens to yours no, not manuals!, and kind words.However, here and words not and are important the voice, intonation is a time more important.

Or ~howl

Therefore children solike to place on foregrounds signs of the presence for example,to construct a tower of cubes in the middle of a room at all on the road.Or ~howl game, literally being in the way at adults.Parents are surprisedReally you can not go to play other place, after all you here disturb!They do not understand that the child just and wants, that all on it ~foxes.Thus he tries to attract attention of adults, on ~to remember itself and to receive from them ready response so necessary to it on thepresence.Here the reason of, why small children long enough lies alsocannot learn to play hideandseek.

Try to tell

The child will vividly express you the opinion.Actually, on this reaction the kid it is necessary and to be guided.Children always show that to them it is pleasant, and than are dissatisfied.Try to tell the fairy tale differently.It is quite probable that yours will like the fairy tale, told, for example, in a whisper.In general – it is useful to change intonations and differently to speak with the kid that is louder, is more silent, is melodic, recitative, it is mysterious … It and the children's hearing trains, and helps to the little man to enter into the world of sounds, and it is easy, easy to enter.

Not to be pushed

One American staying in Petersburg regularly remained in ~ also could not leave at the stop because it was final.Not to be pushed together with others, it always passed forward all you ~going also held such big distance among themselves and going ~ it the last person that impatient crowd of passengers onring rushed in the bus, without waitin while he will go down.To itit seemed that if it will adjoin to these people, they will crumple and ~ it, and it to escape, ran back in the bus.When we discussedwith it his fears also formulated a task new to it to go on a body ~ny contact to people and to investigate for itself that this such that ~you appeared unexpected.

Reach a rattle

At a choice of subjects do not forget that, most likely, they will appear in a mouth of the child.Ask members of the family and relatives to kiss the kid in the handle, instead of on the person.Face skin thin and sensitive therefore it is very easily irritated.Reach a rattle Help the child to develop the coordinated movements of both hands and to improve coordination of eyes and hands by means of a bright rattle.Take a toy in a hand.Hold it at various distances from eyes of the kid.Interest the child in a toy and allow it to get it.If the child reached a rattle, let's it take.


Forearms on two thirds are on a table, but do not lean on it.To observe all these requirements, it is necessary to pick up the sizes of a chair and a table according to growth of the child and proportions of his body.Here parameters, which, according to Dyufestel, it is necessary to know to find to the pupil a suitable school desk growth; length of a foot from a knee to foot, at measurement the child sits, feet lean about a floor it defines distance from a chair seat to a floor or a support for feet; the front and back size of a thorax having added to it cm, we will receive distance from a first line of a school desk to a chair back; length of a hip two thirds of this length depth of a seat of a chair; distance from a chair seat to the top point of an epigastralny corner having added some centimeters, we will receive table height.

Gerbart, having

Our lessons are based on principles of the experimental psychology which is essentially different from speculative psychology of the past on which the teaching technique at modern school still is under construction.Gerbart, having used provisions of philosophical psychology of the time, developed system of pedagogical rules.From personal experience it deduced allegedly a universal technique of development of intelligence and on its basis formulated psychological principles of a technique of training.German system, which Kredaro's efforts, the professor of pedagogics of the Roman university, then the Minister of Education should reform primary education of Italy, gives the uniform scheme of a lesson consisting of four stages understandin association forming of communications, classification, practical application method.

It is rather, this

Training of the child it not the instant photo.It is rather, this cinema.The Wednesday surrounding the child organized according to requirements of mental life a basis.Otherwise how to judge individual distinctions in achievement of an internal order, in ability to abstraction, in intellectual level, in discipline if there are no the certain, carefully selected materials conducting the child from one reference point to another in the direction to its own purpose Reasonably to define individual distinctions, the general frame, environment which use all is necessary.

You as who distributed

I to myself more, and to children am less.Experimenter.Why Yura.Simply so.Experimenter.You as who distributed Yura having hung the head.I do not remember.Experimenter.The Pinocchio you remember Yura.Yes.Still KarabasBarabas was.Experimenter.So you as who Yura long is silent.Experimenter.You acted as who Yura.I As wanted.Experimenter.At you it turned out, how at Buratino or how at Karabas ' Yura, having hung the head, sometimes looking at the experimenter, is silent.

,, Kirill

The child can apply numbers and mathematical characters, connecting them with actions which it carries out with groups of concrete subjects or with ideas of such groups of subjects, their separation and association.Quite often at the same children different ways of application of number and the account, the solution of elementary arithmetic tasks coexist.,, Kirill explains I when consider, often I should think.Here four to add three, you told.I consider one, two, three, four does an accent on four, and then five, six, Eem.


So, if in geometry the circle acts as a special case of an oval, and a square a special case of a rectangle, as touch standards all these figures are equal in rights, as all of them equally provide guidance on to a form of a certain group of subjects.Improvement of ideas of flowers leads to assimilation of color tones of a range.The child learns about convertibility of each color on lightthat, that colors are grouped on warm and cold, gets acquainted with soft, pastel and sharp, contrast combinations of flowers.

Let's return

Thus the children's company becomes secret society, a lump ~munikativno impenetrable for strangers.Let's return to Timur's staff now.We already found thereat once some sign systems and secret means of communication, with the help to ~tory Timur's members of team transferred each other confidential an inform ~tsiya.No wonder that they are so well provided with means of a kommunik ~tsiya it is already big children to the senior, Timur, already thirteen years, asand girl Eugene who becomes his girlfriend and the member of group.As Timur's team is not closed on itself it ~no~polezny activity extends on all settlement ~stvenno and confidential sign systems are used by children not only forcommunication among themselves, but cover all vital space of the settlement, Vinogradov G.


Children told that in a cave Decembrists hid it wasnear to Ryleyev's manor, and later on a narrow course guerrillas made the way inPatriotic war to leave for many kilometers in other village.We thereusually did not talk.Either were silent, or were thrown by the separateremarks.Everyone imagined the, stood in silence.At most that we to itselfallowed it to jump once there and back through the wide flatstreamlet on a small island at a cave wall.It was the proof on ~maturity necks – years.Small so could not.To anybody in the head not at ~went in this streamlet strongly to be spattered, or to dig sand at the bottom, or still ~to do, as we did on the river, for example.

By sixth week

Preferences at artificial feeding Soon after the birth the kid being on artificial feedin is capable to distinguish taste of sweet water from taste of milk.By sixth week of life the child is capable to distinguish that he drinks.If it does not like taste of that is in a small bottle, he simply turns away and refuses to suck.DEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK Development of muscles of a neck At the kid neck muscles become stronger.You will notice that it lifts the head more often to look that is round it, and can hold her within several seconds.

Take a thin

The child will like independent change of situation.This game develops impellent skills of the child and will approach time of the beginning of independent perevorachivaniye.We braid a plaitPlant the child to itself on knees.Take a thin lock of the hair andweave a plait.Let's to the kid it touch, take.During weaving talk to the child.Watch its reaction to your words.DEVELOPMENT STAGESI WEEKPhysical development repeats movements of the swimmer by style a breast stroke which Sense organs and reflexes are preparation for crawling it can be ready to feeding up introduction distinguishes smells can hold a subject between index and average fingers Intellectual development it is capable to active communication within an hour with pleasure and interest takes new sounds Social development laughs during game can begin to cry, if game is not possible for the sake of game can interrupt feedingI WEEKPhysical development holds exactly the head at various positions of a body pulls a foot in a mouth, can suck fingers of feet Sense organs and reflexes voluntarily grasps a subject plays with a rattle being at it in a hand Intellectual development babbles, squeals and chirpsSocial development smiles and publishes various sounds, calling for game I WEEKPhysical development lying on a stomach, both hands and feet lift Sense organs and reflexes suffices the subjects which were close takes subjects in a mouth coming nearer to a subject, starts to do hvatatelny movements Intellectual development says syllablesSocial development likes to play food timeI WEEKPhysical development it can be shaken, bent, rolled Sense organs and reflexes looks for interesting its subject for capture can hold a small bottle two hands Intellectual development wants to hold, twist, shake and take in a mouth various subjects it is delightful repeats sounds and movements Social development repeats a mimicry of adults stretches handles if wants that it took I age of the child of months AS MATURED the CHILD FOR the th WEEKMass of a body of the child of k length of a body of cm CARE OF the CHILD AND ACCESSORIES TO IT Development of the kid Usually children develop from the head to fingertips.


For example hair shaggy, a bag on a thon a ringlet on a finger.Condition the person in turn cannot be tried to discover eyes, simply you remember on memory.Riddles.Guess that I see.Besides, it is necessary to learn according to the description that is thought.For example round, branchesZaryana and Nina Nekrasova.What to do, if.stick out in different directions, it on a tree what is it Or on the ground runs, by a tail twirls, the earth smells.Similar to riddles which so love everything children To trick.Give a hand to the child a palm down.

It learns

External and internal actions.In the course of education the child acquires various actions.It learns to be wiped by a towel, is a spoon, to drink from a cup, to dress chulochka on feet, to draw a pencil, to build of cubes.They be practical actions which conduct to receiving a certain external result.Together with them at the child internal actions by means of which it considers subjects are formed also, finds out their properties, establishes, as they are connected among themselves, creates a plan of game, drawing or construction, remembers pictures etc.

Encouragement. You can receive

It usually

Fig.Devochka~printsessa drawing of the girl of years a world Picture in lullabies songs and in drawings of small childrendesire to draw more and more difficult subject courses in relationshiprepresented heroes, it uses a horizontal axis as more and morethe line showing the direction of a current of time.It usually ~ between four and five years.Without going deep into the further details of development children's represent ~telny language, we will note only that at normally developing child toto five years generally already there is an individual symbolical SI ~, allowing it to use spatial and color codesfor transfer of significant information by means of drawing.

Only in this

The offer written on a tape, it is possible to break off on a part and to put on the corresponding rectangles.It reminds yashchichka which are used for studying of letters or for studying of parts of speech.Only in this case with partitions it is simplified to drawing plates with the drawn rectangles.Plates with rectangles are made of the color paper which has been beautifully ornamented.The plate here is how looks.The top rectangles a predicate and a subject more than the others also are decorated more brightly.

Children settled

All began to look back where to stop.It was felt that is necessaryto find ~ a place and there to decide, what to do farther.This place becamethe big superficial hole surrounded with bushes.Probably, here was ~base witness marks.Children settled down in it on cards.Was it is understood ~but that anybody does not want to go on a cemetery.There was a feeling of that with ~the house on this place the campaign body came to the end important and, maybethose who did not grow were eliminated, and it became clear, who can apply on the member ~stvo in the main structure of children's community of Bar~sloboda in quality on ~sacred.

Their internal

It is obvious, they thus internally did somethin as that tried to find in memory the necessary.Their internal activity was and in this case is directed on a definite purpose to remember contents of the message.On A.N.Leontyev's materials.Mastering by any forms of memory includes some stages.On the first of them the child starts to allocate only a task to remember and remember, yet without owning necessary receptions.Thus the task to remember is allocated earlier as the child first of all faces situations in which from it the pripominaniye wait, reproduction of that he perceived earlier or did.The task to remember results from pripominaniye experience when the child starts to realize that if he will not try to remember, then cannot and reproduce that from it wait.

The brightest

The brightest feeling of preschool children when hearing stories and fairy tales this sympathy to all who got to trouble.Sascha, considering an illustration to the fairy tale A wolf and seven kids where it is represented as the wolf came to reforge a voice to the smith, angrily condemns the smith that that agreed to make to a wolf a voice, and says that if he was a smith and to it the wolf came, it to it would chop off all teeth, that he kids did not eat.Tanya, considering an illustration representing as the wolf rushes to kids, sympathetically notices And why only kids opened to a wolf, they would open a little bit a door both would look in a shchelochka and would learn that it not their mother.

If dermatitis

After washing blot a body of the child a pure soft bedsheet.Refrain from application of medicines before consultation of the doctor.When to call the doctor.Call the pediatrist if the child has the vysypaniye causing to it discomfort, signs of an inflammation or pain.The pediatrist can recommend application of steroid ointments and other preparations removing an itch.If dermatitis became complicated an infection, antibacterial preparations can be demanded.In hard cases consultation of the dermatologist can be necessary.Protect the kid from contact to sick people, exclude its stay in places of a big congestion of the people.

Only the most

These conditions are necessary for manifestation of mental phenomena which become object of supervision.The special environment and personnel preparation is required.Everything is much more difficult, than the organization of biological laboratory.Only the most perfect school adhering to scientific methods of work can become our laboratory.The teacher here the worker similarto the diplomaed laboratory assistant.Certainly, not all schools correspond to such high scientific level, but they need to be able to be guided in the field of experimental sciences.

All of us were

In the childhood we easily trusted in a miracle.And this belief was so strong that simply to the head did not come the everyday is realistic to look at the world, in which lived.Flight of a butterfly, drizzle, strange dream, gift on birthday – everything surprised and pleased.All of us were Ivanamitsarevitches and Vasilisami Prekrasnymi and if happened at us trouble, precisely knew that the whole world animals, birds, casual passers – all everythingeverything will come to the rescue, only call.Problems and difficulties, they, of course, were, were, but … But it was easy to live and joyfully just because both you and I – all all – trusted in a miracle.

Answers of children

As it appeared, younger preschool children threefour years usually badly are guided by statements of contemporaries, first of all they start with the perception.Answers of children that they feel, instead of that other children speak, speak not independence of a choice of behavior, and absence of orientation to other children.If younger preschool children follow group, it results from that the child who did not concentrate on questions of the adult, and was occupied with something for example, played with the fingers or with a spot on a table and did not penetrate into the maintenance of a question, gives an ekhoreaktsiya.

Tendency to such

It ~ on ~ to signs.Tendency to such orderingis one of manifestations of new, more perfect stage of developmentlogic thinking which comes at children after seven years.If with ~the krovishchnitsa is individual, the collection socially and is more ~on the external factors connected with life of the child in group ~ fashion, prestige, rivalry, exchange relations etc.On ~children with pleasure show collections to it each other, braare proud of them.That in treasury was especially personal sincere the prices ~nost, in a collection becomes value social and even havingmaterial price.

In heart

The first natural activity of the kid after the birth is the first breath, attempts slime from respiratory ways, a sneezing.The kid tirelessly moves with hands and feet, often there is an urination and a defekatsiya.With the first breath the child passes to new type of blood circulation in which it ceases to depend on placentary blood circulation, and starts to use own lungs for blood enrichment by oxygen.In heart there is a change of the direction of streams of blood.Till the birth of the child blood proceeded from lungs directly to bodies and systems, after the birth its direction changed, via heart chambers blood directs in lungs, and then to bodies and systems.

Or, with delay

But it runs across withstops on a stop, enjoying possibility to choose, the ~sobnost to combine a route and to make decisions.School student hereit is similar to the kid, at which in a box eight felttip pens, and it ~telno wants to draw each of them to feel that it is capable ~to use all means which have appeared at its order.Or, with delay having reached on a private lesson of English, ~but tells to the teacher that today found still new, already the third trance ~portny possibility to reach her house.At this stage of development of the child transport becomes for it not about ~hundred vehicle in an urban environment, but also its tool on ~knowledge.

Children's and adult

Psychologically reasonable program for ~ is also necessarynyatiya physical culture.As it is not present, the school teacher gives alone ~Photo M.SanfirovFig.Children's and adult community on gorkechy it is possible to learn on an ice slopevy tasks for all according to impersonal alldeveloping programs ~wash physical training.And here during free walks in natural ~ ~to the stvenny environment, in particular on an ice slope, tasks to themselves are put by childrenin compliance with pressing needs corporal and personal unless ~tiya.These requirements can not coincide at all with representations of the teacherabout that is useful and it is necessary for the child.

We know that

Curiosity of the child, wishing to get in all things, being combined with purely children's carelessness about consequences, leads to manifestations which we regard as callousness, cruelty.Development of rationality of feelings covers not only the feelings relating to people, subjects, events, but also the feelings connected with own behavior of the child.Already the praise of adults is pleasant to the child of threeyear age, he is afflicted by censure.We know that at the child arise a pride and the shame, depending on an assessment which adults give it to behavior.But these experiences belong yet to acts, and to their assessment other people.

Such solution

Into this group entered and the examinee All group received one information, and the examinee another.For example, experiment with porridge porridges were sweet, salty.The experimenter suggested children to taste in turn porridge and to tell, whether sweet it all received sweet porridge, the examinee salty.Such solution of an experimental provotsirovaniye on the incorrect answer keeps all naturalness of behavior of group which influences the examinee.The confidence of group forces the examinee to join contrary to the feelings group and to be, as all.As it appeared, younger preschool children threefour years usually badly are guided by statements of contemporaries, first of all they start with the perception.

If your

Someone draws on a small leaf and who and a big leaf has not enough.Many children draw in a big way, creating really monumental cloth.If your of the such take sheets more largely.It is possible a Whatman paper leaf, and it is possible the simple wallpaper which has remained from repair.In general, in the house it is useful to have a roll of the cheapest wallpaper tear off the next piece and draw on health.Games from a stress and other troubles Sometimes and preparations drawings any it is not required what pleasure to deck paints a monotonous field of a leaf! Simply spread a leaf directly on a floor.

Choose on age, think

AMBULANCE There is nothing worse, when you neither for anything nor aboutthat doom to idle time.Simply stand also anythingdo not do in turn, in official uchrezhdeniya, before shop openin in the same train,at last.Why to kill the superfluous time From anysituations, even from such tiresome, as standing in turns,it is possible to benefit and pleasure.Here some ways to occupy the child in turn and in other boring places.And not to miss.Choose on age, think out the.Fizra, hurrah! to encourage itself and the child.Straighten shoulders and slightly raise a chin.


In the preschool childhood the child should resolve more and more complex and various challenges demanding allocation and use of communications the relations between subjects, the phenomena, actions.In game, drawin a moldin designin at performance of educational and labor tasks it not simply uses the learned actions, but constantly alters them, receiving new results.Children find and use dependence between degree of humidity of clay and itpliability at a moldin between a form of a design and its stability, between force of blow on a ball and height on which it jumps up, hitting about a floor, and many other.The developing thinking gives the chance to children to provide in advance results of the actions, to plan them.

It seems

Really, the factor designating extent of production of toxin, could define an antitoxin dose for each subject.In the near future academic councils will lead to that near an orthopedic office at school will appear psychochemical, where in the evenings, after procedure of correction of a backbone, pupils will receive precisely calculated dose of the medicine releasing an organism from poison of boredom.It seems a bad joke No.The orthopedic office already became reality, means, and chemical not for long it was necessary to wait.If freedom was provided with cars, and justice drugs, it would become the logic end of all sciences which have grown on similar errors.

These subjects

It is possible to establish rotating toys in a little table headboard.These subjects will distract attention of the kid at the moment of disguise.Near at hand you should have pure diapers, protective cream, powder, a lotion, wadded balls, clean clothes and pure blankets.If you consider that still something in this situation can be necessary, add missing subjects.Do not forget that subjects of care of the child should be in convenient for you, but a place inaccessible to the kid.If you gather to a trip, pack into a traveling bag of the kid of diapers, a bib for feedin baby food, pair of pure small bottles, the children's napkins, one or two toys.

Some even

Both Pierre, and Gigolo … All like snow– Yes! – However do not eat it too much.You can fall ill.Snow such frozen! I repeat this word because it expresses idea which I want to give.When it is snowin very cold.Think, at many children and adults who have neither warm clothes, nor an oven in the house.They are poor and very much suffer.Some even die.Poor people! We are happy.At us there are so much possibilities to children this word is already familiar to be warmed.

Do not hesitate

Make the list of the wishes fromAS the KID FOR the th WEEK nositelno time of its work, duties MATURED, need to have the driving license and discuss conditions offered by you and payment.Ask phones and surnames of her former employers, call them and learn, what, in their opinion, qualification of the nurse and that it itself represents as the person.Do not hesitate to check the nurse when it will start to work for you.Come home or to miniday nursery when for you do not wait.Pay attention, how the nurse will react to your emergence.Look narrowly at how the child reacts to your leaving from the house.

Tomus SPb. Dmitry

Five years' Borja, having

By the end of the preschool childhood the child understands value of performance of ethical standards as in own behavior, soand in an assessment to them acts of literary characters.Five years' Borja, having heard to Lev Tolstoy story Stone, told It became a shame to it, and he began to cry.He to the father a lie told.So badly.Among moral motives of behavior the increasing place public motives desire start to occupy something for other people, to be of use for them.


Training on occupations is important for initial mastering by elements of educational activity.Mastering by elements of educational activity includes formation of informative interests and assimilation of ability to study.Various data received by the child on world around that show it and adults tell, that he sees itself generates inquisitiveness interest to all new.Growth of inquisitiveness of children throughout the preschool childhood is shown, in particular, in increase in quantity and change of character of children's questions.If in three four years only small part of questions is directed on receiving new knowledge, examination unclear, to the advanced preschool age such questions become prevailin and children often are interested in the reasons of the various phenomena existing between them by communications.

Idle timeso

It is known that our time is notedsharp increase of these diseases.Children use three main ways of a skatyvaniye from an ice slope,corresponding to increasing degrees of perfection.Idle timeso go for a drive small on the back, the second, transitional on cardsit already standin but in a low position that not highly was to falland the third, corresponding to the highest class standing as shouldto be able younger school students.Actually, to move down from a hill standing it andis in children's understanding to move down from it po~nastoyashchy.Within these threeways there is a mass of options which can be seen performed by roll ~ on a hill of children.

They served

It was necessary to us ~ there the churbachok which have remained from sawn logs.They served a bench ~.The staff was both shelter and a development place of “military plans”.Adults about itknew and constantly expelled us from there, but the staff was recreated again Maria.zachy children build staffStaffs and shelters it there was ~ a mania.In the winter did them of snow.Constantly ~ completed.There we gathered after school and discussedthe plan of capture of a fortress of the opponent which actually was not!.Years in seven we with the neigbour constructed the dom~ukryty.


Let's arrange before it the elementary lever the ruler which has been put on a nailso that one end of the lever was close to the child, and another, to which the purpose is attached for example, the picture, is far from it, out of striking distances.It appears that in this case the threeyear child acts approximately the same as twoyear at the solution of the previous task by tests.Another matter the senior preschool child.It is already capable to solve a similar problem in mind, and then at once, without tests, to remove from itselfhimself the near end of the lever, to move to itselfhimself distant.

Though formally

For the child the fact of is very important that it goes independently ~denny way.It is other, way, not such, as at adults, and even not such,as at other children.The child feels as the pioneer, an opener andowner of own world.Though formally it is the same world, whereall live the others, but it is endured as the world, po~nastoyashchy ~yushchiya the secrets only to the electee.Happens that the child wants to share opening with the next Wad Dra ~ and to acquaint them with the experiences, but with bitterness finds,that far not any person can share his delights.

Use any situation

And you will tell in time that girls always notice everythin it will be interesting to it to see, how he lives.Use any situation purchase of a new table or the shelf under cartridges too fine argument.Eyes fear, and hands do There are children who do not begin big cleaning simply because do not know, with what to begin.The principle every day gradually then will approach.For example, today I assort the top shelf, and tomorrowthe day after tomorrow.Appoint convenient time and tidy up a small holiday.Music, jokes, surprises are welcomed.Explain that, clearing and releasing the territory, the space, the teenager releases a place for something new in life that it gets rid from old, bothered.

,, Andryusha

It is possible to tell that the name of the person lays down in a basis of his personality.The child defends the right to the name and protests, if it call other name.,, Andryusha in naughty mood.Teases the brother.Andryusha.I Kika! Kirill protests.I Kika! You Duke.Andrey.I Kika, and you Duke.Kirill roars from indignation.From V.S.Mukhina's diary.' Identification with own name is expressed in a particular interest to people who bear the same name, to heroes of literary works.

Cat with

Purpose to acquaint with wildlife.Cat with the girl went by the wood.And why another time with mornings to them there not to go to walk And kittens with itself to call and mother.It is possible to see in the wood so much so many to learn! In the wood it is possible to consider trees, and it is possible to talk about them.Here birch.What it And linden, and firtree Who is higher, who is lower Than they differ How it is possible to call a firtree, a linden, a birch, an oak in a word Trees correctly.It already – ability to generalize, which much to small children not so easily it is given.How to make the wood.


Soft toys can create to the child comfort It is necessary to take also; the clothes corresponding to climatic conditions; copy of a medical record of the kid and phone numbers of the doctor, neighbors, etc.; addresses of the local medical centers, in case of the necessary help; a children's nutritious mix, small bottles, nipples, fartuchka in large numbers, than it is usually necessary; diapers in a large number, than it is required usually.Malyabsorbtsiya syndrome What is such.Some children are not capable to acquire all nutrients which arrive with food in their intestines.


But they can tell nothing about the reasons which have caused distinctions in a level of development of children, and these reasons can be different.So, arrests of development can be caused by a weak state of health, decrease in hearin education shortcomings, etc.In all these cases absolutely different approach to the child is necessary.Therefore after tests other methods of research of children which development essentially deviates norm should be applied.Sotsiometrichesky method.This method is applied when studying the relationship developing between children, situation which is occupied by each child in group of contemporaries.

The grandmother

Shows, but, apparently, unsuccessfully, thereforethat the child stops to dig a pole and is accepted to another carries out grooves, lon similar to the road or perhaps it is the river.The grandmother gasps Why you creep on knees Do shorter.give me , I will show.The child from knees rises.Shakes off.Gives a scoop, looks, again takes away.A foot flings away a bucket, begins to dig again.Move.here here.the grandmother is not appeased.The child of attention does not turn snuffles and is diligent digs whether a mink, whether an entrenchment.Move, I to whom speak! Moves.


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