Children settled

Children settledAll began to look back where to stop.

It was felt that is necessaryto find ~ a place and there to decide, what to do farther.

This place becamethe big superficial hole surrounded with bushes.

Probably, here was ~base witness marks.

Children settled down in it on cards.

Was it is understood ~but that anybody does not want to go on a cemetery.

There was a feeling of that with ~the house on this place the campaign body came to the end important and, maybethose who did not grow were eliminated, and it became clear, who can apply on the member ~stvo in the main structure of children's community of Bar~sloboda in quality on ~sacred.

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Their internal

Their internal It is obvious, they thus internally did somethin as that tried to find in memory the necessary.

Their internal activity was and in this case is directed on a definite purpose to remember contents of the message.

On A.


Leontyev's materials.

Mastering by any forms of memory includes some stages.

On the first of them the child starts to allocate only a task to remember and remember, yet without owning necessary receptions.

Thus the task to remember is allocated earlier as the child first of all faces situations in which from it the pripominaniye wait, reproduction of that he perceived earlier or did.

The task to remember results from pripominaniye experience when the child starts to realize that if he will not try to remember, then cannot and reproduce that from it wait.

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The brightest

The brightest The brightest feeling of preschool children when hearing stories and fairy tales this sympathy to all who got to trouble.

Sascha, considering an illustration to the fairy tale A wolf and seven kids where it is represented as the wolf came to reforge a voice to the smith, angrily condemns the smith that that agreed to make to a wolf a voice, and says that if he was a smith and to it the wolf came, it to it would chop off all teeth, that he kids did not eat.

Tanya, considering an illustration representing as the wolf rushes to kids, sympathetically notices And why only kids opened to a wolf, they would open a little bit a door both would look in a shchelochka and would learn that it not their mother.

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