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Devochka~printsessa drawing of the girl of years a world Picture in lullabies songs and in drawings of small childrendesire to draw more and more difficult subject courses in relationshiprepresented heroes, it uses a horizontal axis as more and morethe line showing the direction of a current of time.

It usually ~ between four and five years.

Without going deep into the further details of development children's represent ~telny language, we will note only that at normally developing child toto five years generally already there is an individual symbolical SI ~, allowing it to use spatial and color codesfor transfer of significant information by means of drawing.

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Only in this

Only in this The offer written on a tape, it is possible to break off on a part and to put on the corresponding rectangles.

It reminds yashchichka which are used for studying of letters or for studying of parts of speech.

Only in this case with partitions it is simplified to drawing plates with the drawn rectangles.

Plates with rectangles are made of the color paper which has been beautifully ornamented.

The plate here is how looks.

The top rectangles a predicate and a subject more than the others also are decorated more brightly.

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