Five years' Borja, having

Five years' Borja, having By the end of the preschool childhood the child understands value of performance of ethical standards as in own behavior, soand in an assessment to them acts of literary characters.

Five years' Borja, having heard to Lev Tolstoy story Stone, told It became a shame to it, and he began to cry.

He to the father a lie told.

So badly.

Among moral motives of behavior the increasing place public motives desire start to occupy something for other people, to be of use for them.

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Mastering Training on occupations is important for initial mastering by elements of educational activity.

Mastering by elements of educational activity includes formation of informative interests and assimilation of ability to study.

Various data received by the child on world around that show it and adults tell, that he sees itself generates inquisitiveness interest to all new.

Growth of inquisitiveness of children throughout the preschool childhood is shown, in particular, in increase in quantity and change of character of children's questions.

If in three four years only small part of questions is directed on receiving new knowledge, examination unclear, to the advanced preschool age such questions become prevailin and children often are interested in the reasons of the various phenomena existing between them by communications.

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Idle timeso

Idle timeso It is known that our time is notedsharp increase of these diseases.

Children use three main ways of a skatyvaniye from an ice slope,corresponding to increasing degrees of perfection.

Idle timeso go for a drive small on the back, the second, transitional on cardsit already standin but in a low position that not highly was to falland the third, corresponding to the highest class standing as shouldto be able younger school students.

Actually, to move down from a hill standing it andis in children's understanding to move down from it po~nastoyashchy.

Within these threeways there is a mass of options which can be seen performed by roll ~ on a hill of children.

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They served

They served It was necessary to us ~ there the churbachok which have remained from sawn logs.

They served a bench ~.

The staff was both shelter and a development place of “military plans”.

Adults about itknew and constantly expelled us from there, but the staff was recreated again Maria.

zachy children build staffStaffs and shelters it there was ~ a mania.

In the winter did them of snow.

Constantly ~ completed.

There we gathered after school and discussedthe plan of capture of a fortress of the opponent which actually was not!.

Years in seven we with the neigbour constructed the dom~ukryty.

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Another Let's arrange before it the elementary lever the ruler which has been put on a nailso that one end of the lever was close to the child, and another, to which the purpose is attached for example, the picture, is far from it, out of striking distances.

It appears that in this case the threeyear child acts approximately the same as twoyear at the solution of the previous task by tests.

Another matter the senior preschool child.

It is already capable to solve a similar problem in mind, and then at once, without tests, to remove from itselfhimself the near end of the lever, to move to itselfhimself distant.

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