It seems

It seems Really, the factor designating extent of production of toxin, could define an antitoxin dose for each subject.

In the near future academic councils will lead to that near an orthopedic office at school will appear psychochemical, where in the evenings, after procedure of correction of a backbone, pupils will receive precisely calculated dose of the medicine releasing an organism from poison of boredom.

It seems a bad joke No.

The orthopedic office already became reality, means, and chemical not for long it was necessary to wait.

If freedom was provided with cars, and justice drugs, it would become the logic end of all sciences which have grown on similar errors.

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These subjects

These subjects It is possible to establish rotating toys in a little table headboard.

These subjects will distract attention of the kid at the moment of disguise.

Near at hand you should have pure diapers, protective cream, powder, a lotion, wadded balls, clean clothes and pure blankets.

If you consider that still something in this situation can be necessary, add missing subjects.

Do not forget that subjects of care of the child should be in convenient for you, but a place inaccessible to the kid.

If you gather to a trip, pack into a traveling bag of the kid of diapers, a bib for feedin baby food, pair of pure small bottles, the children's napkins, one or two toys.

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Some even

Some even Both Pierre, and Gigolo … All like snow– Yes! – However do not eat it too much.

You can fall ill.

Snow such frozen! I repeat this word because it expresses idea which I want to give.

When it is snowin very cold.

Think, at many children and adults who have neither warm clothes, nor an oven in the house.

They are poor and very much suffer.

Some even die.

Poor people! We are happy.

At us there are so much possibilities to children this word is already familiar to be warmed.

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Do not hesitate

Do not hesitate Make the list of the wishes fromAS the KID FOR the th WEEK nositelno time of its work, duties MATURED, need to have the driving license and discuss conditions offered by you and payment.

Ask phones and surnames of her former employers, call them and learn, what, in their opinion, qualification of the nurse and that it itself represents as the person.

Do not hesitate to check the nurse when it will start to work for you.

Come home or to miniday nursery when for you do not wait.

Pay attention, how the nurse will react to your emergence.

Look narrowly at how the child reacts to your leaving from the house.

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Tomus SPb. Dmitry

Tomus SPb. Dmitry Children's poetic folklore Anthology Sost.




Studiorium Slavicorummonumenta.

Tomus SPb.

Dmitry Bulanin, Page In the same place.

Page The highest kachestvennost affirms as lullabies songs of this typeand value of a place taken by the child, and infancy is described as going ~alny condition of wellbeing.

Really, for highgrade mental development to the child ~klyuchitelno it is important to affirm that a place, taken it I as itthe world the best, mother the best, the house dearest.

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