We know that

We know that Curiosity of the child, wishing to get in all things, being combined with purely children's carelessness about consequences, leads to manifestations which we regard as callousness, cruelty.

Development of rationality of feelings covers not only the feelings relating to people, subjects, events, but also the feelings connected with own behavior of the child.

Already the praise of adults is pleasant to the child of threeyear age, he is afflicted by censure.

We know that at the child arise a pride and the shame, depending on an assessment which adults give it to behavior.

But these experiences belong yet to acts, and to their assessment other people.

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Such solution

Such solution Into this group entered and the examinee All group received one information, and the examinee another.

For example, experiment with porridge porridges were sweet, salty.

The experimenter suggested children to taste in turn porridge and to tell, whether sweet it all received sweet porridge, the examinee salty.

Such solution of an experimental provotsirovaniye on the incorrect answer keeps all naturalness of behavior of group which influences the examinee.

The confidence of group forces the examinee to join contrary to the feelings group and to be, as all.

As it appeared, younger preschool children threefour years usually badly are guided by statements of contemporaries, first of all they start with the perception.

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If your

If your Someone draws on a small leaf and who and a big leaf has not enough.

Many children draw in a big way, creating really monumental cloth.

If your of the such take sheets more largely.

It is possible a Whatman paper leaf, and it is possible the simple wallpaper which has remained from repair.

In general, in the house it is useful to have a roll of the cheapest wallpaper tear off the next piece and draw on health.

Games from a stress and other troubles Sometimes and preparations drawings any it is not required what pleasure to deck paints a monotonous field of a leaf! Simply spread a leaf directly on a floor.

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Choose on age, think

Choose on age, thinkAMBULANCE There is nothing worse, when you neither for anything nor aboutthat doom to idle time.

Simply stand also anythingdo not do in turn, in official uchrezhdeniya, before shop openin in the same train,at last.

Why to kill the superfluous time From anysituations, even from such tiresome, as standing in turns,it is possible to benefit and pleasure.

Here some ways to occupy the child in turn and in other boring places.

And not to miss.

Choose on age, think out the.

Fizra, hurrah! to encourage itself and the child.

Straighten shoulders and slightly raise a chin.

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Children In the preschool childhood the child should resolve more and more complex and various challenges demanding allocation and use of communications the relations between subjects, the phenomena, actions.

In game, drawin a moldin designin at performance of educational and labor tasks it not simply uses the learned actions, but constantly alters them, receiving new results.

Children find and use dependence between degree of humidity of clay and itpliability at a moldin between a form of a design and its stability, between force of blow on a ball and height on which it jumps up, hitting about a floor, and many other.

The developing thinking gives the chance to children to provide in advance results of the actions, to plan them.

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