Answers of children

Answers of children As it appeared, younger preschool children threefour years usually badly are guided by statements of contemporaries, first of all they start with the perception.

Answers of children that they feel, instead of that other children speak, speak not independence of a choice of behavior, and absence of orientation to other children.

If younger preschool children follow group, it results from that the child who did not concentrate on questions of the adult, and was occupied with something for example, played with the fingers or with a spot on a table and did not penetrate into the maintenance of a question, gives an ekhoreaktsiya.

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Tendency to such

Tendency to such It ~ on ~ to signs.

Tendency to such orderingis one of manifestations of new, more perfect stage of developmentlogic thinking which comes at children after seven years.

If with ~the krovishchnitsa is individual, the collection socially and is more ~on the external factors connected with life of the child in group ~ fashion, prestige, rivalry, exchange relations etc.

On ~children with pleasure show collections to it each other, braare proud of them.

That in treasury was especially personal sincere the prices ~nost, in a collection becomes value social and even havingmaterial price.

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In heart

In heart The first natural activity of the kid after the birth is the first breath, attempts slime from respiratory ways, a sneezing.

The kid tirelessly moves with hands and feet, often there is an urination and a defekatsiya.

With the first breath the child passes to new type of blood circulation in which it ceases to depend on placentary blood circulation, and starts to use own lungs for blood enrichment by oxygen.

In heart there is a change of the direction of streams of blood.

Till the birth of the child blood proceeded from lungs directly to bodies and systems, after the birth its direction changed, via heart chambers blood directs in lungs, and then to bodies and systems.

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Or, with delay

Or, with delay But it runs across withstops on a stop, enjoying possibility to choose, the ~sobnost to combine a route and to make decisions.

School student hereit is similar to the kid, at which in a box eight felttip pens, and it ~telno wants to draw each of them to feel that it is capable ~to use all means which have appeared at its order.

Or, with delay having reached on a private lesson of English, ~but tells to the teacher that today found still new, already the third trance ~portny possibility to reach her house.

At this stage of development of the child transport becomes for it not about ~hundred vehicle in an urban environment, but also its tool on ~knowledge.

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Children's and adult

Children's and adult Psychologically reasonable program for ~ is also necessarynyatiya physical culture.

As it is not present, the school teacher gives alone ~Photo M.


Children's and adult community on gorkechy it is possible to learn on an ice slopevy tasks for all according to impersonal alldeveloping programs ~wash physical training.

And here during free walks in natural ~ ~to the stvenny environment, in particular on an ice slope, tasks to themselves are put by childrenin compliance with pressing needs corporal and personal unless ~tiya.

These requirements can not coincide at all with representations of the teacherabout that is useful and it is necessary for the child.

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