Gerbart, having

Gerbart, having Our lessons are based on principles of the experimental psychology which is essentially different from speculative psychology of the past on which the teaching technique at modern school still is under construction.

Gerbart, having used provisions of philosophical psychology of the time, developed system of pedagogical rules.

From personal experience it deduced allegedly a universal technique of development of intelligence and on its basis formulated psychological principles of a technique of training.

German system, which Kredaro's efforts, the professor of pedagogics of the Roman university, then the Minister of Education should reform primary education of Italy, gives the uniform scheme of a lesson consisting of four stages understandin association forming of communications, classification, practical application method.

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It is rather, this

It is rather, this Training of the child it not the instant photo.

It is rather, this cinema.

The Wednesday surrounding the child organized according to requirements of mental life a basis.

Otherwise how to judge individual distinctions in achievement of an internal order, in ability to abstraction, in intellectual level, in discipline if there are no the certain, carefully selected materials conducting the child from one reference point to another in the direction to its own purpose Reasonably to define individual distinctions, the general frame, environment which use all is necessary.

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You as who distributed

You as who distributed I to myself more, and to children am less.


Why Yura.

Simply so.


You as who distributed Yura having hung the head.

I do not remember.


The Pinocchio you remember Yura.


Still KarabasBarabas was.


So you as who Yura long is silent.


You acted as who Yura.

I As wanted.


At you it turned out, how at Buratino or how at Karabas ' Yura, having hung the head, sometimes looking at the experimenter, is silent.

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,, Kirill

,, Kirill The child can apply numbers and mathematical characters, connecting them with actions which it carries out with groups of concrete subjects or with ideas of such groups of subjects, their separation and association.

Quite often at the same children different ways of application of number and the account, the solution of elementary arithmetic tasks coexist.

,, Kirill explains I when consider, often I should think.

Here four to add three, you told.

I consider one, two, three, four does an accent on four, and then five, six, Eem.

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Improvement So, if in geometry the circle acts as a special case of an oval, and a square a special case of a rectangle, as touch standards all these figures are equal in rights, as all of them equally provide guidance on to a form of a certain group of subjects.

Improvement of ideas of flowers leads to assimilation of color tones of a range.

The child learns about convertibility of each color on lightthat, that colors are grouped on warm and cold, gets acquainted with soft, pastel and sharp, contrast combinations of flowers.

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