Sotsiometrichesky But they can tell nothing about the reasons which have caused distinctions in a level of development of children, and these reasons can be different.

So, arrests of development can be caused by a weak state of health, decrease in hearin education shortcomings, etc.

In all these cases absolutely different approach to the child is necessary.

Therefore after tests other methods of research of children which development essentially deviates norm should be applied.

Sotsiometrichesky method.

This method is applied when studying the relationship developing between children, situation which is occupied by each child in group of contemporaries.

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The grandmother

The grandmother Shows, but, apparently, unsuccessfully, thereforethat the child stops to dig a pole and is accepted to another carries out grooves, lon similar to the road or perhaps it is the river.

The grandmother gasps Why you creep on knees Do shorter.

give me , I will show.

The child from knees rises.

Shakes off.

Gives a scoop, looks, again takes away.

A foot flings away a bucket, begins to dig again.


here here.

the grandmother is not appeased.

The child of attention does not turn snuffles and is diligent digs whether a mink, whether an entrenchment.

Move, I to whom speak! Moves.

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