Though formally

Though formally For the child the fact of is very important that it goes independently ~denny way.

It is other, way, not such, as at adults, and even not such,as at other children.

The child feels as the pioneer, an opener andowner of own world.

Though formally it is the same world, whereall live the others, but it is endured as the world, po~nastoyashchy ~yushchiya the secrets only to the electee.

Happens that the child wants to share opening with the next Wad Dra ~ and to acquaint them with the experiences, but with bitterness finds,that far not any person can share his delights.

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Use any situation

Use any situation And you will tell in time that girls always notice everythin it will be interesting to it to see, how he lives.

Use any situation purchase of a new table or the shelf under cartridges too fine argument.

Eyes fear, and hands do There are children who do not begin big cleaning simply because do not know, with what to begin.

The principle every day gradually then will approach.

For example, today I assort the top shelf, and tomorrowthe day after tomorrow.

Appoint convenient time and tidy up a small holiday.

Music, jokes, surprises are welcomed.

Explain that, clearing and releasing the territory, the space, the teenager releases a place for something new in life that it gets rid from old, bothered.

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,, Andryusha

,, Andryusha It is possible to tell that the name of the person lays down in a basis of his personality.

The child defends the right to the name and protests, if it call other name.

,, Andryusha in naughty mood.

Teases the brother.


I Kika! Kirill protests.

I Kika! You Duke.


I Kika, and you Duke.

Kirill roars from indignation.

From V.


Mukhina's diary.

' Identification with own name is expressed in a particular interest to people who bear the same name, to heroes of literary works.

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Cat with

Cat with Purpose to acquaint with wildlife.

Cat with the girl went by the wood.

And why another time with mornings to them there not to go to walk And kittens with itself to call and mother.

It is possible to see in the wood so much so many to learn! In the wood it is possible to consider trees, and it is possible to talk about them.

Here birch.

What it And linden, and firtree Who is higher, who is lower Than they differ How it is possible to call a firtree, a linden, a birch, an oak in a word Trees correctly.

It already – ability to generalize, which much to small children not so easily it is given.

How to make the wood.

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MalyabsorbtsiyaSoft toys can create to the child comfort It is necessary to take also; the clothes corresponding to climatic conditions; copy of a medical record of the kid and phone numbers of the doctor, neighbors, etc.

; addresses of the local medical centers, in case of the necessary help; a children's nutritious mix, small bottles, nipples, fartuchka in large numbers, than it is usually necessary; diapers in a large number, than it is required usually.

Malyabsorbtsiya syndrome What is such.

Some children are not capable to acquire all nutrients which arrive with food in their intestines.

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