Or ~howl

Or ~howl Therefore children solike to place on foregrounds signs of the presence for example,to construct a tower of cubes in the middle of a room at all on the road.

Or ~howl game, literally being in the way at adults.

Parents are surprisedReally you can not go to play other place, after all you here disturb!They do not understand that the child just and wants, that all on it ~foxes.

Thus he tries to attract attention of adults, on ~to remember itself and to receive from them ready response so necessary to it on thepresence.

Here the reason of, why small children long enough lies alsocannot learn to play hideandseek.

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Try to tell

Try to tell The child will vividly express you the opinion.

Actually, on this reaction the kid it is necessary and to be guided.

Children always show that to them it is pleasant, and than are dissatisfied.

Try to tell the fairy tale differently.

It is quite probable that yours will like the fairy tale, told, for example, in a whisper.

In general – it is useful to change intonations and differently to speak with the kid that is louder, is more silent, is melodic, recitative, it is mysterious … It and the children's hearing trains, and helps to the little man to enter into the world of sounds, and it is easy, easy to enter.

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Not to be pushed

Not to be pushedOne American staying in Petersburg regularly remained in ~ also could not leave at the stop because it was final.

Not to be pushed together with others, it always passed forward all you ~going also held such big distance among themselves and going ~ it the last person that impatient crowd of passengers onring rushed in the bus, without waitin while he will go down.

To itit seemed that if it will adjoin to these people, they will crumple and ~ it, and it to escape, ran back in the bus.

When we discussedwith it his fears also formulated a task new to it to go on a body ~ny contact to people and to investigate for itself that this such that ~you appeared unexpected.

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Reach a rattle

Reach a rattle At a choice of subjects do not forget that, most likely, they will appear in a mouth of the child.

Ask members of the family and relatives to kiss the kid in the handle, instead of on the person.

Face skin thin and sensitive therefore it is very easily irritated.

Reach a rattle Help the child to develop the coordinated movements of both hands and to improve coordination of eyes and hands by means of a bright rattle.

Take a toy in a hand.

Hold it at various distances from eyes of the kid.

Interest the child in a toy and allow it to get it.

If the child reached a rattle, let's it take.

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Forearms Forearms on two thirds are on a table, but do not lean on it.

To observe all these requirements, it is necessary to pick up the sizes of a chair and a table according to growth of the child and proportions of his body.

Here parameters, which, according to Dyufestel, it is necessary to know to find to the pupil a suitable school desk growth; length of a foot from a knee to foot, at measurement the child sits, feet lean about a floor it defines distance from a chair seat to a floor or a support for feet; the front and back size of a thorax having added to it cm, we will receive distance from a first line of a school desk to a chair back; length of a hip two thirds of this length depth of a seat of a chair; distance from a chair seat to the top point of an epigastralny corner having added some centimeters, we will receive table height.

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