Forearms Forearms on two thirds are on a table, but do not lean on it.

To observe all these requirements, it is necessary to pick up the sizes of a chair and a table according to growth of the child and proportions of his body.

Here parameters, which, according to Dyufestel, it is necessary to know to find to the pupil a suitable school desk growth; length of a foot from a knee to foot, at measurement the child sits, feet lean about a floor it defines distance from a chair seat to a floor or a support for feet; the front and back size of a thorax having added to it cm, we will receive distance from a first line of a school desk to a chair back; length of a hip two thirds of this length depth of a seat of a chair; distance from a chair seat to the top point of an epigastralny corner having added some centimeters, we will receive table height.


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