Take a thin

Take a thin The child will like independent change of situation.

This game develops impellent skills of the child and will approach time of the beginning of independent perevorachivaniye.

We braid a plaitPlant the child to itself on knees.

Take a thin lock of the hair andweave a plait.

Let's to the kid it touch, take.

During weaving talk to the child.

Watch its reaction to your words.

DEVELOPMENT STAGESI WEEKPhysical development repeats movements of the swimmer by style a breast stroke which Sense organs and reflexes are preparation for crawling it can be ready to feeding up introduction distinguishes smells can hold a subject between index and average fingers Intellectual development it is capable to active communication within an hour with pleasure and interest takes new sounds Social development laughs during game can begin to cry, if game is not possible for the sake of game can interrupt feedingI WEEKPhysical development holds exactly the head at various positions of a body pulls a foot in a mouth, can suck fingers of feet Sense organs and reflexes voluntarily grasps a subject plays with a rattle being at it in a hand Intellectual development babbles, squeals and chirpsSocial development smiles and publishes various sounds, calling for game I WEEKPhysical development lying on a stomach, both hands and feet lift Sense organs and reflexes suffices the subjects which were close takes subjects in a mouth coming nearer to a subject, starts to do hvatatelny movements Intellectual development says syllablesSocial development likes to play food timeI WEEKPhysical development it can be shaken, bent, rolled Sense organs and reflexes looks for interesting its subject for capture can hold a small bottle two hands Intellectual development wants to hold, twist, shake and take in a mouth various subjects it is delightful repeats sounds and movements Social development repeats a mimicry of adults stretches handles if wants that it took I age of the child of months AS MATURED the CHILD FOR the th WEEKMass of a body of the child of k length of a body of cm CARE OF the CHILD AND ACCESSORIES TO IT Development of the kid Usually children develop from the head to fingertips.


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