Then in relationship

Then in relationship Then in relationship with the world of people to the management ~ the realized principle of acceptance of the world as realities.

So, during independent walks when the child is infree mode of interaction with environment, it shows pain ~Shuya activity in contact to the subjects which have interested it.

Childlearns and tests them in all ways available to it.

The adult besides is not inclined to take root into such set activelymet to it on a way of objects and to the child does not advise, if conducts it Perlz F.

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Many children

Many children Their role in game life of children never can beit is executed by purchased whole toys.

The broken things, unusable for the usual use, revealin variety of the properties in flight of the creative imagination of playing de ~ty, capable to use these subjects for the most different needs.

Here on ~the sink becomes a field of creative experiments, where fully ~ children's creative, inventive thinking.

Many children go on a dustbin in secret hope to find there a treasure.

Cart ~rotating from school, the children's company can quite turn on ~Shuya a dustbin on sobrazheniye of research curiosity that therenewcomer News about ~ to an interesting find instantly flight ~ the children's people, and then excursions to a dustbin in hope to find treasureare made one by one and groups more regularly.

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The person

The person It seems to the person that these places became strangers, everything is not similar to the formerand from it took away its world.

As children adjust otosheniye with a landscapeSuch changes in those places, where are especially painfully enduredpassed the most important years of its childhood.

The person feels thendestitute by the orphan, forever lost in real space ~tiya of that Toy Store which was expensive to it and now remained only inmemories.

Photo A.

KitayevAaoneeanie iaeuieou,nae aoue oaeieeeAeaaa Aeaaa Aeaaa Aeaaa Aeaaato this we will consider that,as children join in an asset ~ny material interchange with world around,and first of all with the earth.

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Also know, why He is afraid. In soul

Also know, why He is afraid. In soul It as if seizes for the preschool childhood and – does not wish to raise and mature, take further up responsibility.

And on all the rest that does not develop at it in this world, closes eyes.

Irrepressible imagination, otgorazhivaniye from reality is the sign that the young person cannot does not want to learn to live and to cooperate here, in the world material.

Also know, why He is afraid.

In soul at the child – fear.

Fear, that, as will try, at it it will not turn out that it all the same not will understand, will not estimate, will not fall in love.

The reason is simple and angry fear.

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And it is possible

And it is possible A call not on business, and simply so to ask how are you doing And to wish good luck.

Or – it is simple then, to tell an amusing case and together kindly to laugh A note with a cheerful mug which he will come across, when will come back home after school.

And it is possible and so.

Composed a fantastic greetin wrote down on dictophone tape recorder.

The person came from school, pressed a button and listens to yours no, not manuals!, and kind words.

However, here and words not and are important the voice, intonation is a time more important.

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